"Today’s wastes, added value for tomorrow"

Industrial wastes mean an added cost resulting from how they are managed. Furthermore, they present an important environmental problem, for its mass as well as the different physic-chemical characteristics they present. ENTEC Solutions wants to remove the negative connotations linked to the word waste, since we are betting for it valorization

The most appropriate treatments and technologies are selected and applied, in all different cases, from the environmental and economic point of view, thinking of the valorization as an alternative to management. This fact associates to a saving on materials, and avoids the final waste disposal in dumps, with the consequent reduction of economic and environmental costs associated to that disposal.

  • Physical, chemical and radiological characterization of wastes and /or industrial sub-product.
  • Valorization of inorganic wastes.


We rely on the staff and equipment necessary to make an accurate characterization of wastes, a previous essential step needed before the valorization.

We use the Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) for micro-morphological analysis. We identify mineral phases using X-Ray diffractions (XRD). Also, we perform granulometric analysis using a laser analyzer.

We also perform analysis of the complete concentration of majority and minority elements, using X-Ray fluorescence (XRF), mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) and optical spectrometer (ICP-OES). Finally, we are trained to make an accurate radioactive and radiological characterization, since we have complete equipment for radioactive detection.


For each particular case, and after a thorough waste characterization, we identify and evaluate possible applications, developing techniques to extract new materials and securing the compliance of the current legislation, depending on the application selected, from the point of view of environmental compatibility and public health, as well as the technical specification demanded in each application. Finally, we search for the ideal market for its valorization.

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