Wind and solar power generation is generally characterized by the uncertainty in the knowledge of its availability, due to the spatial and temporal variability of these resources. This fact makes hard to describe, in an accurate way, the wind and solar resources available in a particular area, and therefore, the electronic potential available.

ENTEC Solutions provides a development, implementation and prediction tool management service of the wind and solar resources in short-term, based on the WRC (Weather Research Forecasting) meteorological model.

Maximize the efficiency of wind/solar facility management, allowing an increase in the storage foresight or a dependency towards other energies.

Maximize the response and foresight ability in energy management: Reduction in the integration cost in the conventional electric web.

Service portfolio:
  • Automatic server with a daily report.
  • Specific server with a 4-8 times the day updated report.
  • Server plus technical support (operational) on data interpretation.
  • Estimated costs reduction
  • Analysis of temporal series for the optimization and improvement of the resource forecasting.
  • Evaluation of the variability of both energy demand and electric production.
  • Evaluation and optimization of wind and photovoltaic facilities.
  • Customized services fitting customers need.


ENTEC Solutions meteorological forecasting and air quality service focus its activity in exploitations of mesoscales meteorological models, along with q top-level international pollutant dispersion model. A service directed to businesses, institutions and research facilities in need of a good source of meteorological information to perform tasks, develop their own products or create an added value to those products. In this way, these forecasts play an essential role in business, fire and markets management, as well as ski resorts, etc.

ENTEC Solutions has contributed on the development of the autonomous system of meteorological forecast of University of Huelva “”, dealing with information and maintenance management. It is an autonomous simulation system based on the state of meteorological forecasting models. It provides meteorological forecasting services with a two days time-frame, and one hour resolution for the Iberian Peninsula and Andalusia, at horizontal resolution of 27 and 3 km respectively.

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